1.- Choose your product

What does my dog need?
Choose among our brands the food which adjusts better to your dog according to his age, size
or his breed. Look between our products, there is always one fodder for each dog. You only
need to find the one it suits him.

How can you look for what you need?
To find what your pet needs you have some different and easy ways to do it:
1. You can use our searcher. You only have to write there the keyword that resumes what you
are looking for and wait for the results.
2. You can also specify your research through the brands. Do you want an specific brand? If so,
you only need to click on the brand you want and you will see all the products that brand has.
3. In addition, on the website there is a filter that helps you to define your research according
to the type of food or accessory, the dog age and the dog size.

Your basket
Once you have found what you were looking for, click on the "Buy" button and the product will
go into your basket. To finalize your purchase, click on the basket that is on the upper side of
the website and follow the steps: check your order, fill in the form, confirm your data and buy
your product. Additionally, you can use your promotional code to buy your products.

The promotional code is a personal code that permits you to have a discounts and other free
products with your purchase. You only have to introduce your promotional code on the step 3
of the purchase process (you will see it because we ask for it). Once you have introduced your
promotional code there, you will only need to confirm your purchase and enjoy it.

2. Payment method

We offer the following payment methods:

 - Credit card

 - Paypal

 - Bank transfer

3. We bring your purchase at your home

Wanyma brings your purchase at home without any additional costs if your purchase is over 49.99 pounds.

4. Do you still have doubts?

Do not worry for anything. If there is some problem you can give up your purchase or return the product in the following cases:

Return and renunciation cases:
- The product has been damaged on the transport:

When the product has been damaged or broken on the transport, you have to call us and inform us about it on the same day you receive your purchase. Apart from that, we suggest you to write on the dispatch note what has been happened.

At that point, you can return the product and all the accessories you have bought. Wanyma will assume all the expenses made by the delivery and the refund. We suggest you to contact us before doing the refund in order to assess you in how to do it.
In that cases, Wanyma will send you again your purchase completely free.

- Desisting:

The customer has the right to desist in which he or she can return the product if it does not adjust to your expectations. Desistings must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase.

To return your product, you must maintain the product with the same conditions it has been received and with no use. If the product has been used at the moment od the desisting, the customer will pay the costs of the devolution. Wanyma will not accept any opened product.

The customer will pay all the remittance costs except if the product is not the correct one or it has been damaged during the transport.

Once the return has been approved the refund will be paid into your account within 10 days. In those cases that the product returns in different condition in which they were received, Wanyma has the right to refund you a lower price than the original.

- You didn't receive the product or you want to cancel it or modify it:

If your purchase has been sent to your home but you don't want it, Wanyma will refund you the total amount less the shipping costs (15 pounds). If your purchase has not been processed yet, you only need to contact us to inform us about your modification with no additional payment necessary.

For the devolutions, if you want that your purchase has to be sent by a transport company of your choice, you will have to pay its rates. On the contrary, if you are agreed with our transport company, you must contact us in order to ask for a collection address and being benefited with economical rates.

Remember: you must maintain the packaging of the product until you are sure about its conditions.

Before opening it, we ask you to check the products to know if they are those you bought. If not, contact us to inform about the problem maintaining the product in its original wrapping.

If you want to do something mentioned above, you have to contact us on the following addresses: orders@wanyma.co.uk

5. Why do you have to buy in Wanyma?

1. Comfortable: without going out of your home, without carrying the product, without waiting to be attended. From the sofa, or the bed room and from the 9 am until 11pm: you choose where and when you buy the food for your pet.

2. At Home: you do not need to picking it up from anywhere. The product arrives directly to your home.

3. Precise: wanyma.co.uk is an online shop window with all the brands and products for pets. You can look, choose, select and know all our products.

4. Easy: you only need a pair of clicks to give to your pet the best food.

5. Your rhythm: without queues or traffic jams. You can take all the time you need to buy the food for your pet. Buying the food you always buy it will only takes five minutes. If not, you can choose another product that will match better with you and your pet.

6. Guarantee of Iphepha: you have the confidence of a professional company and the biggest distributors of pet food. Iphepha only sells products with high quality and puts the excelence in its delivery process.
Do you still have doubts? Consult our customer service.


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